Amazon Travelpro Maxlite 4 25″ Expandable Spinner

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For frequent travelers a travel bag. is a necessity and choosing the best one that will last a long time is the top priority. It must endure all the dragging, tossing, kicking, stacking, and the changing weather. Having a sturdy and high-quality luggage. does not come cheap but it is better to pay a high sum of money than suffer from the inconvenience later. Ask yourself many questions while choosing a travel bag. Is the handle long enough? Does the suitcase feel sturdy and durable? Will the color and design fit my style? There are many things to consider. So make sure to buy travel bag months before your trip. You would want to test it out first and find faults beforehand so you can have it fixed or replaced.


Traveling requires a trustworthy travel bag. Travelpro’s spinner bagmay be one of the best you can get.

  • The bag is roomy with 25 x 18 x 11 inches dimension and lightweight at 10.1 pounds.

It made from 100% polyester. covered with a water-resistant coat that protects it from abrasion and stains.

  • A bottom tray stabilizes and aligns then wheels for stability.

Along with the 360-degree spinner that rolls effortlessly in any direction. this bag is easier to maneuver than others.

  • The bag’s interior features a full-size lid compartment that allows different packing options.

Traveler has an in-house testing team. that examines the luggage brands product with quality testing procedures. This attests the spinner bag’s quality giving the consumer the best product they can get.


  • Very lightweight
  • Spacey
  • Great value
  • Durable zipper pulls


  • Not big enough for long trips
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customers Review


Steve Hall

“If you want a lightweight spinner in the 25″ class, this is the one to get. Unbelievably, this 25″ Travelpro Maxlite 4 weighs. **exactly** the same as my 21″ Travelpro spinner that is NOT a Maxlite. Capacity is what you’d expect from a 25″ suitcase. I used it on a 3-week land-and-sea cruise in Canada and Alaska in May. so I had a couple jackets, a suit, plus lots of casual wear, and could have taken more. Also, if you’re in the market for new luggage, in my opinion, a spinner is the ONLY way to go (unless you don’t want wheels at all). Even on cobblestones. you can still tilt it and pull it like any other 2-wheeled suitcase. but on smooth roads and floors (e.g., airports!), a spinner relieves almost all the muscle strain of pulling. Better yet, it isn’t prone to tilting over as you turn corners. Any spinner is good, but at this price, Travelpro’s is the best.”


D. Lee

“I love my new blue expandable “spinner” Travelpro-4 suitcase. 25″ is an excellent size for me to pick up when fully loaded. On the bottom end of the rollers is a handle to grab onto which is great. I was so pleased with this suitcase, I bought another one. There is a 29″ expandable but at my age when fully loaded I feel would be too heavy to pick up. I am very pleased with the quality of this 25″ expandable suitcase. most important is the wheels that spin 360 degrees; go with the flow.”


Erica B.

“Used it on two trips so far and it’s holding up well. The wheels roll and swivel effortlessly. Looking at buying another, smaller version to go with it.”


This travel bag is spacey. (although it is big for traveling those who travel farther and longer might find this not big enough). and maximizes packing flexibility. Strategically designed interior to be efficient. the lidded compartment, side mesh pockets and adjustable hold down straps. It is surprisingly lightweight which makes it a practical (no extra fees!) choice especially if you have heavy things to bring with you. Pushing the luggage does not need much force. because of the rubberized touch points that make pushing easier and more comfortable. The four spinner wheels are able to endure all surfaces. and still roll smoothly without a problem. The patented contour grip. and telescoping handles provide comfort that you never knew you needed. It is just a shame that such good thing only has a limited lifetime warranty.


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