AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Review

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Review
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Commuters, it seems, have all of the pain of traveling and none of the fun. If you travel often — weekly, daily — for business, then you may have found that the joy of travel has long since wore off. What is left is stale coffee in small hotel rooms, long flights with loud children, perpetual jet lag, and less time with your family.

It isn’t easy commuting often and from a distance. It can be quite difficult, even for the person who has been doing it for years. Even for the person who jumped at the opportunity to join that startup company that would offer them the chance to travel the world. Paris just isn’t the same when it’s only a layover.

But just because commuters have it rough doesn’t mean that they don’t find ways of enjoying travel. It doesn’t mean that they don’t thrive on the sense of perpetual movement and the invigoration of a life that is never quite settled down.

Traveling often, whatever the reason, changes what travel means to you. It is no longer something reserved for special occasions — now it is a part of your life, like driving to the gas station. This may mean that travel loses some of its shine, but it also means that you get to see it and experience it in an entirely new way.

For those people who travel often, there is an art. There is an art to knowing how to travel as though it were second nature. It begins with simple routines before flights and after meetings (which are a country away perhaps) and it includes having all of the right supplies to travel as easily as possible. Many commuters have perfected the art of packing light. They know exactly what to bring and what they don’t need. They know which things their hotel will give them for free and they leave those things at home. They know exactly how many shirts they need to bring for a weeklong trip to Japan. They are the craftsmen of travel.

For the craftsmen among us, there is only one kind of luggage. First, that luggage needs to be strong. It needs to protect the important things they are taking with them. Second, that luggage needs to be light. It needs to be easy to move around with. Third, that luggage needs to be as mobile as possible — this is why a lot of commuters use spinner luggage. Finally, the luggage does not need to be flashy, it does not need to be expensive, and there only needs to be enough of it to fit what they need to take.

For that person, there is AmazonBasics. AmazonBasics is a subsidiary of Amazon that has made it their goal to come up with simple, effective products to serve the needs of consumers. The product we are reviewing today is AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage. It includes one piece of large hardside spinner luggage and nothing else. It is simple, direct, and efficient. It is exactly the kind of thing that a commuter needs.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Features

The first feature of this bag that is evident is its simplicity. It is simple in both design and conception, owing that simplicity to the nature of AmazonBasics. The bag is matte black and its hard shell is plain and aesthetically direct. For those who like to live and travel simply, this is ideal.

This bag is large — 28 inches. That means that it isn’t suited for being carried on a plane. But it is great for holding a lot of your things in one bag, to be checked.

The protective hard shell is sure to keep your things safe. It is made of the hard but lightweight material ABS, which is an industry standard for this application. It is not perhaps as strong as polycarbonate (PC) but it will do the job in most situations.

This bag is expandable, which is quite useful for fitting even more things into it. It can expand for up to 15 percent more storage space. This means that you get to take one bag rather than two and still potentially fit everything you need to bring, which is a huge boon for people who travel often and want to be light.

The interior of the bag is fully lined and comes with a divider. This makes organizing your things that much easier. It also has an organizer and three zippered compartments for smaller items. This is a great feature if you hate disorganized bags.

The wheels of this spinner of smooth and quiet, and there are four doubled spinners that move in every direction. The use of doubled spinners makes for a more stable back, which is great when you’re rushing through a crowded airport.


  • 28-inch bag
  • Hardside shell
  • ABS construction
  • Four double spinners
  • Smooth motion
  • Quiet wheels
  • Organization tools


  • Not made of PC
  • Only has one bag


If you want to travel light, then it is hard to go wrong with this bag. It is not flashy, is not a large set, and doesn’t have any bells and whistles; but for many people that is just what they’re looking for. AmazonBasics is known for making no-nonsense products designed to suit very specific consumer needs. This is one of those products for sure. If you are a commuting professional, or even if you just love to travel but don’t like to bring many bags, then this strong, easy to move, expandable bag may be just what you need.

Traveling often sometimes takes the joy out of the process. It can leave people feeling jaded about the act of getting from one place to another. But a bag like this can be just the thing to make someone’s life just a little bit easier, just a little bit smoother. And that can bring the shine back into the act of traveling. If you want to love traveling again, then maybe buying a new piece of luggage will help. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage is the best choice.

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