Wheeled vs Spinner Luggage

Wheeled vs Spinner Luggage
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Have you ever been late to the airport? Rushing through the various stages of the building to get to your gate? Have you ever had to move quickly, through crowds, with a small child, a carry on, and a large bag? If that experience sounds familiar, or if any experience like it does, then you know the pains of heavy bags when you are traveling.

It is one thing to have to manipulate a heavy back when you can take your time. When you aren’t in any rush. It is difficult perhaps to negotiate all of the things you are carrying, but in the end, it is doable. However, when you are rushing, you are bound to the feel the pain of your heavy bag.

You will feel it physically and you will feel it emotionally. You will feel the strain on your back, your legs, your knees and hip, your arms, and you will feel the strain on your mind and you struggle to make it through a crowded airport with a bag that is weighing you down.

If you have ever felt this strain, then it is likely something you want to avoid experiencing in the future. You may be considering buying a new piece of luggage — one that will roll so that you can more easily move around with it — but you have perhaps come across the fact that there are more than one kind of rolling bag. You may be wondering what kind you should buy. This article is here to help you make sense of the landscape and decide what kind of rolling luggage to buy. Wheeled vs spinner luggage.

What is wheeled luggage?

The most basic kind of rolling luggage, and the kind that has been around the longest, is wheeled luggage. This luggage has two fixed wheels at the bottom of the bag. The wheels do not swivel, they only roll. This sort of luggage is designed to be pulled behind you as you walk. It is easier to move around with than a bag you have to carry, but in the end, it still causes a lot of strain on your body, since you are taking some of the weight of the bag. Plus, because the wheels are fixed it can be hard to maneuver effectively.

What is spinner luggage?

Enter spinner luggage. Spinner luggage is a newer kind of rolling luggage. It has four wheels on the bottom (or four sets of two wheels). The wheels are designed to move freely in every direction, which allows the bag to maneuver easily. The addition of the extra wheels means that it doesn’t have to be tipped and drug behind you, it can be simply pushed or pulled to move around. This sort of bag is designed with ease in mind — the idea being to make the act of moving a heavy piece of luggage as easy as possible.

The benefits of spinner luggage

The benefits of spinner luggage are obvious. First, it reduces, greatly reduces strain on your legs, hips, and back. This means less physical pain. And if you are aging or have physical problems, this may be a big deal. But spinner luggage does more than reduce physical exhaustion. By making it easy to move around with your bag, this sort of luggage reduces mental strain as well. You may be stressed about having to rush through that crowded airport, but at least your bag won’t be a concern.

Conclusion: Wheeled vs Spinner Luggage

So, the question is: Is spinner luggage better than wheeled luggage? The democratic response is that is depends on what you’re looking for. But the truest thing to say is that if you care about ease of motion and if you are looking to reduce strain on your body and reduce the amount of stress you feel as you travel, then spinner luggage is quite simply better than wheeled luggage. You may not agree — not everyone does — but if you care about those things, then you probably will. Spinner luggage was invented for a reason; it is here to make our lives easier. Why wouldn’t we let it do its job?

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